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Keo khóa ren sonlok 3760-50ml threadlocker
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    SONLOK Thread Lockers® pre-applied to threaded parts from a unique coating that converts ordinary fasteners into self-locking and self-sealing fasteners. Dry to touch, SONLOK Pre-Applied thread lockers become an integral part of the fastener-and stay inert until parts are used.

    The unique characteristics of Thread Lockers are as under:

      • One Component and hence easy to apply
      • Seals all kinds of threads in fasteners
      • Low cost and efficient
      • Liquid and hence secures threads resulting in high breakaway torque
      • Application: Primer-less, permanent, up to 1" diameter
      • Color:Red
      • Torque: 200/400
      • Viscosity: 10,000
      • Cure Speed: Fixture Time-4 min. Full Cure-24 hrs.
      • Temperature Range °F: -65 to 300
      • Origin: USA
      • Packed Size: 10ml, 50ml, 250ml. 1L, 10L
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