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Loctite LB 8102-400 ml
Giá tại Thuận Phát: Liên hệ
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Product description:

Loctite 8102 is a universal high-temperature grease with good adhesive properties, designed for use at temperatures up to 200 * C. This high-performance lubricant prevents the wear and corrosion of lubricated parts.

This product is used for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings operating under high loads and requiring special environmental conditions, such as thermal and steam sterilization equipment.

Application instructions
Apply grease to clean parts wherever possible, like conventional lubricants, i.e. a brush, spatula or lubricator. It can also be used in automatic lubrication systems. You can use Loctite 7063 or 7070 remover to remove residuals. When lubricating bearings, follow the manufacturer's instructions (quantity, frequency, etc.). Avoid excessive lubrication. Residues from other lubricants may not be compatible with Loctite 8102.

Technical data.

Base: mineral and synthetic oils, complex lithium soap and EP additives 
Color: beige 
Odor: weak 
Density at 20 ° C, g / ml: 0.9 
Consistency, NGLI: 2 
Drop point, oC: 290 
Recommended operating temperature range, oC: -30 to + 200oC