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Mỡ Nyecorr 140-800G
Giá tại Thuận Phát: Liên hệ
Giá tại thị trường: Liên hệ
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Tình trạng: Có sẵn
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Mr Tiền: 0932.660.558


NyeCorr® 140 synthetic bearing grease is formulated specifically for the maintenance of single-facer and pre-heater bearings in the corrugating industry. Since its introduction in 1997, hundreds of corrugating plants worldwide have converted to NyeCorr 140 and realized significant cost and performance advantages. For more information about NyeCorr® and how this high-temperature, high-performance lubricant can help your operation maximize its lubricants investment.

Product Description
Nyecorr 140 A high-temperature PFPE/PTFE grease for singlefacer bearings.
Nyecorr GP A synthetic hydrocarbon grease for general purpose maintenance.