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Mỡ Uniflor 4622R-1kg
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UniFlor™- PFPE Lubricants

UniFlor™ PPFEs are a family of fluorinated synthetic fluids that are used to formulate the most thermooxidatively stable lubricants available today.

Available in a variety of viscosities, from very light for low-temperature, low-torque applications to very viscous for use as sealants or in more heavily loaded applications, PFPEs can be used "neat" as lubricating oils or combined with thickeners, typically polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), to make a variety of PFPE greases.

PFPEs are well suited for demanding environments. They can withstand temperatures from –90°C to +250°C, and even higher spikes. Extremely inert, they don’t crack, craze, discolor, or dissolve plastics, nor do they swell, shrink, or embrittle natural rubber or other elastomers. Non-flammable, they also
resist harsh chemicals, fuel oil, and brake fluids. And because of their low volatility they are often the lubricants of choice for high-vacuum environments.