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Threebond 2706
Giá tại Thuận Phát: Liên hệ
Giá tại thị trường: Liên hệ
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Ms. Phi - 0937.90.84.84
Code: ThreeBond 2706
Name: ThreeBond 2706 Degreasing Cleaner, For Machine Parts
  • ThreeBond 2706 is an aerosol type powerful degreasing cleaner which quickly and easily removes build-up of rust-preventive oil and grease by gas pressure and a chemical cleaner.


  • Since it is quick-drying, speedy operation is possible. It has little effect on rubber and plastics, and it has absolutely no corrosiveness on metals.



  • Since it is not subjected to the Organic Solvent Toxicity Prevention Rules of Japanese Labor Safety and Hygiene Law and the Fire-fighting Law, it can be used safety.


  • Package.. 420 ml aerosol type